Shooter's Choice All Weather Grease 10ml

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Product Overview

10ml Shooter's Choice All Weather Grease has been specially formulated through the latest high technology. It is the ultimate synthetic grease, chemically engineered to specifically meet the most demanding bikes, autos and tools. It will out-perform all other firearm greases. It is non-alkali, harmless to plastics and rubber. Shooter's Choice All Weather Grease will not gum up under high humidity or extreme temperatures, having a wide operating temperature range of from -65 degrees to 350 degrees F. No more sluggish action under extremely cold conditions. No more melt-off due to extreme heat! A thin film stays where it's placed to resist friction and penetrate into the pores of the metal to resist wear. Use on all sliding surfaces, locking lugs, trigger mechanisms and trigger safeties, sear levers, etc. Wherever extreme pressure, friction and high temperatures occur, you can depend on Shooter's Choice for total performance and protection! Directions: 1. For best results, remove all old grease or residue with a Shooter's Choice Cleaner/Degreaser in areas where grease is to be applied. 2. Remove over-cap. Apply grease with syringe exactly where you want it. IMPORTANT: After applying grease, pull back syringe applicator to relieve pressure from syringe nozzle. Re-cap nozzle.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review