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OG Grid Shooting Target Green

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OG Green
  • Green center
  • 1" Grid
  • Paper Shooting Target
  • 10 1/2" x 12"
  • 100 pack
  • NRA approved paper
  • Made in USA

With an easy to see green center these paper shooting targets are perfect as a general "go to" target as they can be used with handguns, rifles, air-soft and even bows for archery practice. They are fairly small but easy to 

The 1" grid pattern on these targets will allow you to dial in any anything from a bow to the nicest rifle as you will know exactly how to adjust your sights or scope crosshairs. An  example of this would be having this target set at a distance of 100 yards and a scope or sight that adjusts by 1/4" per "click". In this situation if you need to adjust 1" you would "click" 4 times.

This target is printed on a proven NRA approved paper that creates clean holes with minimal tearing.