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Mini IPSC Shooting Target

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Mini IPSC USPSA Appx 9" X 15" Bundles of 50

50 Yard Reduction of a Full Size IPSC Shooting target. Practice accuracy and can be used as shoot no shoot with white back and tan front. Exact scoring as IPSC. 

Mini IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) USPSA 1/2 Size Cardboard Target. Target Approximately 9" X 15", A Torso Scoring apprx 3" X 5.5", A Head Scoring apprx 2" X 1", B Head Scoring apprx 3" X 3", C Torso Scoring apprx 6" X 9". Tan Side 1, White Side 2 (shoot/no shoot). Simulates distance. Bundles of 50.