B-27 Shooting Target

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Product Overview

  • Law Enforcement agencies may use this for qualifications
  • 50 YRD NRA silhouette score 10-7
  • Color: Black 24" x 45
  • 100 pack 

Full-size B-27 official qualification target. This is an NRA sanctioned target printed on licensed paper for use in qualifications and trials or for casual shooters who are looking to train with a professional target. This B-27 target is printed by us in Southern California.

The B-27 scoring extends from the center X-ring to the 7-ring and a second altered diagram and scoring chart in the top left and top right corners respectively. We also carry our B-27 target repair centers which allow for fast and easy repair extending the life of these targets. The repair centers may also be used with our cardboard B-27 targets.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review